Monday, June 2, 2008

Threadgills June 8th birthday signing

Well, it's actually two days after my b-day, but Eddie Wilson at Threadgill's doesn't care because he's throwing a little shindig on Sunday June 8th at 1 pm. Here's what he's got to say about it:

At the Original Threadgill’s on North Lamar, June 8th, this Sunday, immediately following the Bluegrass Brunch (11-1) there’ll be an Autograph Birthday Party for Joe Nick and his Willie: an Epic Life (Little Brown) that lasts till the books run out. Connie Nelson and others who appear in the book will also be on hand to autograph Joe Nick’s book and say Happy Birthday and Thanks for a beautiful piece of page turner history. All the run-ins, shoot outs, marriages and hard times with all the glory of forty million records and honors (Man of the Year honors from the American Jews and American Indians in the same year) galore. Come get the signature of everyone who shows up and build your own collector’s edition.

Have a Bloody Merry Morning,

Eddie Wilson

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