Saturday, June 21, 2008

Signing at Felix Chevrolet in downtown LA

Back when country music on television was a new idea, Felix Chevrolet sponsored several local programs in Los Angeles including western swing bandleader Spade Cooley, Cliffie Stone's weekly revue, and even wrestling.

In that tradition, "Giant" Felix Chevrolet joined forces with Go Country 105, Los Angeles' go to radio station for country music, and staged a book signing featuring Go Country's Shawn Parr and Felix Chevrolet's Darryl Holter who performed a set of originals including the home team's favorite "Don't Touch My Chevy."


keith said...

Nick, it was in Minnesota that I met you when we matriculated in English Composition ca. 1970. Do you recall? Please respond.

Joe Nick Patoski said...


Refresh my memory more. I do remember my Humanities class with Marlene Cranny where she introduced me to existentialism, absurdism and the like, but I can't remember English, although I really enjoyed all my English classes with informing my writing more so than any journalism I was exposed to.