Saturday, June 21, 2008

Reading at Book Soup in LA

Book Soup is the kind of cramped, crowded bookstore you think every city has but doesn't anymore. It's pretty great, especially for being on the Sunset Strip, across the street from where Tower Records used to be (I parked by the old wall, for sentiment's sake).

I did a reading and signing at Book Soup and a bunch of folks turned out including Judge Elizabeth Grimes, rockabilly legend Ray Campi, Fort Worth/LA guitar ace Bill Horn, songwriter Tonio K, writer Joe Rhodes who autographed his Ice Road Truckers article from TV Guide, old friend Roberta Cruger from Creem magazine and MTV days, Austin/LA rock goddess Carla Olson and her squeeze Saul Davis, screenwriter/producer Joan Tewksbury, writer/producer/creator John Shulian, Fuel2000 Records CEO Len Fico, publicist to the music heavyweights Bob Merlis, Felix Chevrolet majordomo and singer/songwriter Darryl Holter, Debbie and Tim from the Electric Fetus in Mpls., the creator and star of Lil' Art's Poker Party, Art Fein, and a buncha other friends and Willie fans.

Twas a gas.

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