Friday, March 19, 2010

South By Casey's Shed

Jeremy Tepper and Dallas Wayne put together a little SXSW get together at Casey Monahan's shed in historic Swedish Hill in East Austin on Friday for some Q and A for the Outlaw Country with Ray Wylie Hubbard asking the questions and getting answers from Gurf Morlix, James McMurtry, Danny Barnes, Roky Erickson and Will Sheff - the cream of cool when it comes to music from Austin Texas.

It was a stone groove and a sweet way to spend the day. Heard lots of good BS including Danny talking about growing up in Belton, his new album for ATO, his love of John Cage and other contemporary classical music. Ray weighed on his new writing project while riding his stunning recorded work A) Enlightenment, B) Endarkment Hint: There Is No C. Gurf played tracks from his forthcoming album of Blaze Foley songs (until today, I considered Jimmy Pizzitola's version of Blaze's "Cold Cold World" to be the best cover version of that song; being second to Gurf's version is not a bad thing). Roky and Will talked about their new collaboration True Love Cast Out All Evil with Will's band, Okkervil River which is nothing short of stunning.

Visiting with engineer Stuart Sullivan, shooting the breeze with Andrew Halbreich and George Carver, meeting Lauren Gurgiolo of Okkervil River, talking Anderson Fair with Gurf's Significant Other Brendy, comparing Paul Westerberg and Jim Dickinson notes with Darren Hill, and giving props to Jegar Erickson made my day. I hope yours was as sweet and rewarding.

The interviews will be aired on Outlaw Country on Sirius XM directly, if not sooner.

Danny Barnes and Casey Monahan

Roky and Will

The Roky/Okervill River project team

Gurf and Ray

Will Sheff

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