Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Year of Magical Books About Drinking

Sweet words from Peter Joseph, but nuthin' about the great Little Joe Carson classic, "I Gotta Get Drunk," much less "Whiskey River" or Old Whiskey River.

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Best Drinking as Destiny
“Willie Hugh passed a milestone when he got drunk on beer for the first time, at the age of nine. He’d accompanied his father, Ira, to Albert’s Place, a beer joint across the county line toward West. Both sat in with Charlie Brown’s band, and little Willie sang a couple numbers. When nobody was looking, he was also knocking back beer.” We think you can guess what Willie we’re talking about here. Joe Nick Patoski’s biography Willie Nelson: An Epic Life also chronicles an epic degree of beer-swilling. Considering some of the other trouble the Red-Headed Stranger has gotten into, perhaps he should have stuck with the beer, or at least Arkansas’ local moonshine, “White Mule.”

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