Sunday, December 14, 2008

Disorder Lives (sorta)

Meg writes on the Satellite radio discussion thread:

"Thanks to all of you who dug Disorder. Yes, i am on The Loft now and as is Johansen including his Sunday noon to 3 airing ET, Scelsa, Lou Reed, Dave Marsh. It is a big job to add in alot of our Disorder music to the Loft library, but every day we are getting more and more of it in with the help of Mike Marrone, who took in all of us disorder orphans. It will only get better and free form will prevail. Have faith. We wouldn't be there if we didn't. xo meg"

We love you and we're hoping for the best. More intelligent craziness, s.v.p.


Anonymous said...

I have liked a couple of the Disorder additions to The Loft- particularly Meg's specialty show on Sunday and Dave Marsh which unfortunately overlaps with Celtic Crush on Spectrum which I also like.

However, how is garbage like this or this - both played on Lou Reed's show in the last couple of weeks- intelligent craziness? Just curious.

Joe Nick Patoski said...


Getting Dave on Disorder/The Loft is long overdue. He didn't belong on a talk channel in light of his relationship to music. But that's not a good thing that he bumps up against Celtic Crush.

On the other hand, Lou, for better or worse, represents what Disorder used to be about, in that you could never tell what you were going to hear. Mickey Avalon nor Peaches are my cuppa tea, but since it's actually Lou, and not a channel named after him, I'll give him a pass. Understand, for every pop track he's done like "Walk on the Wild Side" and "I Love You, Suzanne," there's Metal Machine Music. I'm just sorry Lester Bangs isn't alive to give him some shit for principle's sake.