Saturday, January 1, 2011

Joe Nick On The Air, 7 pm central 1-1-11

As always on the first Saturday of every month at 7pm Central Time, I'll be presenting the Texas Music Hour of Power on KRTS 93.5 FM in Marfa and Far West Texas, and on for you internet listeners. Tune in and twang on.


Kirby Warnock said...

We can sometimes pick it up in Fort Stockton, out here by Seven-Mile Mesa.
Will give you a listen!

CenTexBB said...

Hope you'll dedicate a few songs to Dandy Don. He will be greatly missed. Glad I got to see him in his prime at the Cotton Bowl for both SMU and for the Cowboys. Never be another like Don Meredith. A great Texan.

Josh Holstead said...

By the look on your face, I can tell you are playing "I'm Henry the 8th, I Am" -am I right?