Thursday, July 24, 2008

Book Signings and related adventures

Meet and greets and readings have been keeping me busy and have provided more fun and amusement than should be allowed by law.

I've gotten to meet some wonderful folks and hear some great Willie stories that would make a whole other book.

Poodie's Hilltop was loads of fun, especially when Budrock and Poodie showed, along with Mamma Locke and a cast of hundreds. Book store readings are fun. Poodie's is 'way more funner.

My ol' bud James Harvey hosted a talk and signing at Hastings in Kerrville where Rod Kennedy, the founder of the Kerrville Folk Festival, Kerrville Folk's producer Dalis Allen, and the Pride o' Medina, Richard "Kinky" Big Dick Friedman showed up.
Here's Rod

This is Dalis (love that name) and Kerrville writer Greg Forrest

and of course, Kinky, who blew smoke up my hiney telling me I drew more folks than either Elmer Kelton or he did to a Kerrville signing. Sounded good anyhow.

I kicked off the day in Kerrville by hanging with some Kerrverts, doing TV,

and then visiting with Natalie Steele, the hostess with the mostest on KRVL, Revolution Radio ( She's got the music mix you've been looking for.

Then it was on to Minneapolis and the Electric Fetus, which just celebrated its 40th birthday ( I left my job running the music department at the Fetus in 1973 to return to Texas, settle in Austin and write about music for a living (at least that was the goal). Walking in the door of the Fetus, which I hadn't really visited since I left 35 years ago, brought back a flood of memories beginning with the smell - still patchouli after all these years. Then I saw owner Keith Covert (left) along with his wife Barb, and my writing mentor J. Gillespie (right), who hired me to replace him as record buyer at the Fetus. Then it was a stream of lots of good old friends all of whom reminded me how cool the Fetus and Minneapolis really were and are.

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