Sunday, September 6, 2009

Heart of Texas Country Music Museum

I paused from judging duties at the World Championship Barbecue Goat Contest in Brady, Texas, the geographical center of the state, over the Labor Day weekend to cruise through the Heart of Texas Country Music Museum. Every visit, I'm more and more impressed with the exhibits, particularly all the stage costumes director Tracy Pitcox has accumulated, not to mention Ferlin Husky's Cadillac limo with only 86,000 miles on it. The museum is part of the traditional country music empire Tracy has built including the Hillbilly Hits radio show that airs on KNEL in Brady and around the world online, the Oprys he stages, and the Heart of Texas record label that has become home for legends including Leona Williams, the great Darrell McCall, Ferlin Husky, Floyd Tillman, Hank Thompson, Joe Paul Nichols, and Al Dean. For more information on the museum, the label, the Oprys and the radio show, click on the headline or go to


czardastx said...

I wasn't aware that this was in Brady. That's only 130 miles from home here in Georgetown. I'm going to have to check it out. And I'll visit the website for the radio show. All the artist you listed in your post are familiar to me. The museum sounds like something I would really enjoy. And if the radio show plays the older country music, when it was country music, then I'm going to love it. Thanks for this post.

- Paul

JesseSublett said...

A great entry, Nick, because it makes me want to gas up the car and go there and your photos make the place look just as creepy as it ought to be. The Jim Reeves statue looks too much like Ronald Reagan for me to feel OK, but lots of folks would probably take comfort in that.