Friday, November 5, 2010

Joe Nick on Texas High School Football

the Golden Triangle edition, written by Bob West of the Port Arthur News
click the headline for the whole column

"One of the interested spectators at the Nederland-PNG game Friday night was a fellow named Joe Nick Patoski. Joe Nick is the guest curator for the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum in Austin, with the special task of showcasing the history of Texas High School football. He picked up some Jimmy Johnson and Little Joe Washington memorabilia from the Museum of the Gulf Coast and is constantly scouting for anything that will enhance his display due to open in July of 2011. One result of Patoski’s trip to Southeast Texas was a visit with Orangefield superfan Bennie Cotton, who is going to be spotlighted in the BullIock Museum. If you think you have anything that would add to the exhibit, particularly from the early years, Patoski can be e-mailed at . . . Patoski, by the way, could have attended all 87 games in the Mid County Madness rivalry and arguably never have seen a better, more entertaining one than the latest version. Count me among the multitudes who didn’t think Nederland had much of a chance. An unexpected victory like that over an arch-rival should certainly silence some of the sniping toward head coach Larry Neumann."

A few shots from the Nederland pep rally and the game, which is one of the best rivalry games I've witnessed. The boudin balls sold by the booster club three for $2 were pretty great too.


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